***PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL YOUTUBE from google play if you do not have installed*** for use in conjunction with this app>>>
WARNING: This app is RATED MATURE as SOME CONTENT MAY NOT SUITABLE for those under 18 years old.
This is our second installment of our 2013 Ford Concepts app, yet it is completely redesigned for better quality previews, handling, and overall performance...We know your gonna love it!
All the graphics and icons have been rededsigned, the RSS icon buttons are still available yet when pressed will re-direct you to a short blog of each update giving you the skinny on all videos prior to downloading. At the blog screen you are able to depress (a "large") continue button which then re-directs you to the video which then automatically opens up and previews RIGHT within the app itself!!! The only catch here is you MUST HAVE "YOUTUBE" app installed on your smartphone for it to work smoothly, otherwise your browser needs to find "media player" using your internet connection...
If you enjoyed our last app which was a originally great idea, you will absolutely enjoy this app as all the features which we had originally wanted to implement are included in this app version.
With this new app EVERY VIDEO is able to be COMPLETELY PREVIEWED within THE APP IN THEIR ENTIRETY EVEN BEFORE DOWNLOADING!!! This way you know exactly what you are getting without any guesswork or surprises as we have taken all the hidden elements out, so you can RELAX, WATCH, and CHOOSE and not even break a sweat!
Many people have taken a liking to this app but we have discovered that in the "original" app it was really hard to know what video EXACTLY are the ones you want! NOW you can browse until your hearts desire and then DOWNLOAD ONLY WHAT YOU WANT without wasting BANDWIDTH, or being disappointed with your download. We have many TOP-NOTCH videos in our archives and we know you would want to watch and download them as well, but it is a harder choice without being able to preview each vid in order to get what you really want.
Alot of time, money, and effort has gone into this app, and their also will be a pro version of this app in the near future. So the clicklinks will remain only on DOWNLOAD links to help us make a little money, and ADS as well. Do not be discouraged though as this apps design you will see the ads are NON-ABTRUSIVE.
All the downloads are in mp4 format (for now-universal)and we do not zip file them except for extreme cases. You are able to see the mp4 file when you reach the cloud for download.
PLEASE TAKE THE TIME to RATE or COMMENT on all or ANY VIDEOS you like or dislike, so we are able to better understand what you want & need, so we can acquire the videos that you really want to download and watch. WE REALLY WANT YOUR FEEDBACK! If for any reason you need to contact us or provide a service please feel free to correspond with us at pubvideo.caw@hushmail.me and state your intentions, and we will promptly respond...Thank you for all your support in this wonderful project, KEEP DOWNLOADING, RATE THE VIDS, and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS + SHARE..
app release brought to you by:
guy cawatt
pubvideo.CAW «TEAM»
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