Esperanza Gomes Live Wallpaper
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Esperanza Gomes Live Wallpaper
Esperanza Gomes Live Wallpaper features a rotating 3D photo cube showing the sexy and hot pictures from selected image. This contains many HD quality hot girl pics .
Select your favorite sexy image from setting /change image to display in rotating cube. This is only for android and totally free.
You can rotate Esperanza Gomes LWP by swiping through your home screens - scene will change its rotation according to touches.

This contains many HD quality Hot and sexy pics.
Manually change the cube images by the click change image.
Increase or decrease brightness, if transparent Enabled.
Adjust the size of the 3D cube by click of Cube Size.
Many different hot Images choice are available.


Its a free android app thus it contains some ads, but it
doesn't contain any push ads or home screen ads

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