Amazing Models Wallpaper
Amazing Models Wallpaper
Amazing Models Wallpaper have two operating modes:
The first mode - Live Wallpapers mode - pictures change automatically.
The second mode - Photo Gallery mode - double tap on the screen change images.

Enjoy Live Wallpapers or look through photos!

To use: HOME > MENU > Wallpaper > Live Wallpapers

It's good for looking beautiful Amazing Models Wallpaper everyday.
Only the top Amazing Models Wallpaper for you.
We hope that Amazing Models Wallpaper will be pleasant to you.

Amazing Models Wallpaper features:

-Time between pictures.
How long before changing to the next picture.

Images will be or not be rotated.


Images will be or not be scaled to fit the screen.

Choose a transition between pictures.

-Enable double-tap.
Enable to switch pictures with double tap.

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