Sex Game-Oral Foreplay Trainer
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Improve your sex life with the oral foreplay trainer. Oral sex is the most important part of foreplay. If you master clitoral stimulation, you can improve your sex life. A generation ago, oral sex was usually something that was done a long time after a couple had already been having intercourse, as an extra sex act. But today, couples engage in oral sex long before they ever have intercourse. Most women will agree that for good sexual encounters ending with orgasm, cunnilingus (oral sex) is a must.

This app is targeted at adult audience but is not porn or xxx. It is just about training your oral foreplay skills. The goal is, giving your virtual girlfriend oral pleasure and make her orgasm as soon as possible. Cunnilingus (oral sex, clitoral stimulation, tongue fuck) is performed with tongue and lips of the sex partner, as opposed to female masturbation, which is self-performed with hands, fingers, sex toys or other everyday objects. Although cunnilingus is performed with tongue and lips in real life, you could just use your fingers in the app in order to see exactly, which region you are stimulating. But beware, just rubbing the clit (clitoris) as fast as you can will not work. You also have to pay attention to other parts and even make some small pauses to prevent over-stimulation. You will get best results, if you use smooth, steady and slow movements. You can watch your progress on the left side. Just like in real life be patient and experiment a little and you will succeed ;-) Using the menu, you can change images and toggle the hint mode (in the paid version only). You have a local high score list which tracks your best scores and a global list where you can compare your results with other users.

This trial version has ads and only filtered and blurred images to choose from. The "no ads" paid version has some less censored images and a training mode, where you get hints what moves should you do next, in order to train your skills in the most effective way.

There are many online resources about sex, oral sex and foreplay, where you can read information and find tips and tricks about cunnilingus and how to perform it. Admittedly nothing can beat the hands-on training with a real person, if you want to improve your skills. But this app is invaluable if you had frustrating experiences because your sexual partner was not satisfied and did not let you try again or you just lost your motivation, etc. Whether you are young men with little experience or in a relationship, if you or your partner think that there is room for improvement, then this is the app for you because it is as real as it gets: Orgasm model rewards steady movements, punishes if one only concentrates to the obvious hotspot areas and rewards if there are small pauses to hold back and then tease and finally let her have it. Women are different, some come fast, some take their time and some will never reach an orgasm, so in real life don't be frustrated and do your best and keep on practicing.

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Sex Game-Oral Foreplay Trainer
+ small bug fix and trial extension + small bug fixes (global high score display issue, share your score issue) + small bug fixes (integration of the new ad provider and trial check crash issue) + ads show much faster and there less ads + tweaked orgasm model to prevent cheating ;-) + changed score to millisecond level + reduced app size + random start image (still can be changed using the menu)

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fun by anonymous - November 18, 2013
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