Sex Offender Search
See sex offenders that live in your neighborhood.
Sex Offender Search lets you find sex offenders near you and protects your child.

Use Sex Offender Search to:
-Locate & monitor sex offenders
-Access offenders’ criminal profiles and photos
-Get automatic offender alerts

Sex Offender Search comes with a free account to Life360!

About the app:
Find out who lives in your neighborhood with instant access to the national sex offender registry, the countrys largest, most up-to-date database of registered sex offenders, child predators, child molesters, and most-wanted criminals. Sex Offender Search allows you to identify the offenders in your neighborhood so you can keep your family safe.

Find Sex Offenders
Find where offenders live in your area or near your childs school. Our information comes from government databases so you can protect your family with the knowledge of who is in your neighborhood.

Offender Records
We provide more than just an offenders name and address. With your Life360 account, you can access a complete dossier on each offender, which includes the convicted crime, a booking image, birth date, and physical profile.

Email Alerts
Be sure to provide us with your email address during signup so we can notify you when new offender activity takes place in your area.

What customers say about us:
"It is unfortunate but true that a lot of people dont know their neighbors anymore. Offender Monitoring helps me feel like I can better protect my children from strangers."

"Awesome app. Lets u know whos in the neighborhood. I highly recommend this app."

"This is awesome and scary... I have to deal with some of these people, but now I know who to keep my kids FAR FAR away from. EVO 4g."

"I love this app. Its accurate with the dept of corrections info. I have 4 babies to keep safe and knowledge is half of it. Keep Ur kids and self safe"

"This is a must have when your as scared as heck of these horrible people as I am... Download NOW"

"Good to have on phone especially when I would pick up my niece & nephew from school. Debbie"


"Wonderful app! This is good for ppl with kids and even single ladies. Just a great app no matter who is using it!"

"Excellent program, easy to use, great for the family! Very informative, and excellent at keeping track of family if you choose to use that option."

"I just opened this and was amazed with the instant locations of the offenders. Less than 30 seconds easily."

"Good to have if you have children and want to be aware of your community."

"I knew my ex was a little creepy. Found him on here..thanks. Im steering clear of him now"

"I just downloaded this app n discovered that I live in close prox. of several sexual deviants Thank you developer for giving me a better way to safeguard my family"

"I had no clue there was offenders so close to my nieces now feel better knowing and able to inform them so they can take extra safety precautions"

"An excellent service. A must have for students looking for safe places to live, or a parent. Did take a little time to refresh on the first time use."

"It works great..although its scary, its good to know.. i found a sex offender in my last neighborhood, and one near my current area."

"I had a child molester living across the street and i didnt know it until i got this app. This app is awesome!"

"Great app! Def feel sa
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Sex Offender Search

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