Sex Stories Premium
Dozens of mind-blowing audio recordings with seductive voices are awaiting you! Are you ready to hear the most sacred feminine secrets?
All recordings are exclusive and are available only here. We plan on regularly publishing additional stories, stay tuned!
This application is intended for mature users only.
Now available:

Two Charming Rapists
A guy from a small town makes his way through a park in the middle of the night and falls victim to an erotic game of two charming ladies…

The Date
Some kiss on the first date, but this girl is willing to go even further! The episode in the hallway becomes only a beginning of an unforgettable evening…

Secret Weakness
In this hot story, Mary tells you about her incident in a hotel during a business trip. And you will even learn about her secret weakness…

My Sweet and Tender Beast
Become a perfect man for this girl and she will reward you unexpectedly in the bathroom…

A True Story
A young secretary makes a mistake and causes her company to lose two million dollars. You will learn all about her punishment…

You stopped your car next to hers. She was wearing a very revealing dress, and it wasn’t hard to mistake her for someone you would see on street corners. But she was actually a student on her way from university, willing to play your suggested game…She doesn’t take money, but she requires payback…

Anal fears
Everyone likes trying something new, and this girl isn’t an exception. She is afraid of possible pain, but her desire overcomes her fear, and her dirty talk will awe you.

A Photographers Surprise
A confident girl accepts the invitation of a photographer to visit his studio. What happens beyond that is quite unexpected for her, and is now a very clear memory…

Sporty girl
This girl loves doing sport. She is dreaming of meeting a man who will help her dreams become reality…

The Nurse
Every man dreams of a personal nurse. This time, a caring and passionate Melissa is awaiting you…

The Fantasies of a Mistress
This girl doesn’t know you, but that doesn’t scare her. She is a real mistress and is able to tie you up and make it hurt. But if you behave, she will reward you and give you pleasure. You will definitely want to see her again, after all, a girl like her- you can forgive anything…

A young girl decides to renovate her kitchen and invites a master to fix it. When he arrives, she isn’t against some fun…

In the train
A girl named Ellie talks about her passionate adventure on the train during a commute to an art class in another city…

Two at One Time
After a crazy article in a adult magazine with two men at once, the girl becomes obsessed. But she isn’t the one to run after fantasies, she embodies them.

A Passionate Dream
This hot stranger shares her innermost dream about her meeting with you…

The Virgin club
Few people know about an existing virgin club. But Jenny will tell you all of its secrets…

Bad Girl
This girl is truly naughty. She knows everything about pleasure, just trust her…

Skipping class
Nobody knows about this girl’s feelings for her older brother. One time, she skips class and comes home earlier than usual. As a result, she becomes a witness of her brother’s intimacy with her best friend…

Passionately in the Elevator
A young student gets stuck in an elevator with a charming stranger…

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Sex Stories Premium

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