Intim8 Ball
Intim8 Ball
Do you want a better sex life?
Have you ever wanted to fulfill a fantasy in the bedroom?
Do you want to feel more connected to your partner?
This specially designed android app is for couples looking to spice up their love-life. It is a random foreplay generator that works on the same principle as the Magic 8ball, only with this there are fun things you can do with, and to, your partner.
Enter your names to make it your own personal Intim8 Ball. Add any fantasy you have ever wanted to try into the app; there is no difference between the pre-loaded fantasies and the ones you put in so you finally get to see if your partner is willing to try something you've always wanted or not. Best of all you don’t even need to look away from your beautiful partner, once a fantasy comes up after a shake, the app will speak it out loud. Then you get to make it or choose to shake it; if both of you agree. So get relaxed, set the mood, open Intim8 Ball and explore new ways to pleasure each other.
Break the routine.
Break the chains.

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