######## REQUIRES GPS ########

Please download the FREE trial version before purchasing the full app.

Please note that this app requires a good GPS signal and a moving vehicle to work.

The app comes preloaded with Level 1 and Bonus Kela! round and the app will download Level 2 and 3 girls the first time you open it. Be patient. It shall only take a few minutes.

RacerX houses girls who are very picky about speed. They will strip if you speed up but will also slip back into their clothes if you reduce speed. You basically get to control them with your actual car speed. The aim is to completely strip the girl.

Game starts automatically at 3 MpH.
Speedometer turns green if the girl is stripping and red if she is putting her clothes back on.
Speedometer will turn pink if you spend three seconds over the winning speed.

Level 1 Girl : 50 MpH
Level 2 Girl : 60 MpH
Level 3 Girl : 70 MpH

Unlimited fun for those stuck in the passenger seat !

It also includes a BONUS KELA! ROUND which is unlocked every time you successfully strip a girl.

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