Position 8
Position 8
Position 8
Sex should be no stranger. It’s how we all got here. Our sexy Mom and our hot naked Dad went at it like two nude monkeys in a wrestling match. (ullgh…threw up a little) They might not have looked like monkeys; they still produced you as a result of their efforts. Our hope is that they had more fun making you than raising you! We also hope they were cuter than you …jk.
Sex plays a big part in our life cycle, and though some of us may only have it once or twice it was meant to be memorable. The last thing we want to remember is that our love-making session was Let’s face it , monkeys tend to be a little less than original when there consummating their relationships . The positions they use are quick and effective however lack that certain something we as humans excel in… an imagination. We made this device so you would look a little smarter than a monkey!
Shake it once and your getting a new position!
Shake it twice and your showing stamina and …again…another position.
Shake three times and either your playing with it or the sun is coming up and this toy was a success!

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