Sex Partner Tracker
Password protected application for tracking your sexual life. By recording evidence, you will be able to have your sexual timeline with your events, partners, places and score.

Do you consider:
How many sex partners you had?
How often do you have sex?
Where did you have sex?
How promiscuous you are within your region?
Who is the lover with the highest score within your region/world? Who were his sexual partners?

This application will answer all those questions!

This application is not just for promiscuous people but for everyone who would like to have track of his sexual life(frequency, places)

Your identity as a user is strictly hidden, no one can find out who you are.

For security reasons, all your data is stored on a secure place, to avoid data loss/theft in case you change or lose your phone. Therefore you will be asked to pay service fee for paid server. When fee is paid, you will not pay for this application furthermore.

Overview of functions:
- password protected
- your identity is hidden for everybody (your nickname would be populated in world statistics)
- no information is stored in your telephone
- connected thru facebook for easy upload
- map view of your events
- statistics of your "score"
- create profile of your sexual partner (name, location, age, telephone number, facebook profile, photo, comments)
- create event with partner (date, location where did you have sex, partners)
- check score of other users
- filter users by gender
- buy list of sexual partners of other users (blurred photos, identity could not be identified)
- buy contact for particular partner (telephone number is not personal indication, can be shared)
- create event shortcut (click on shortcut to create an event with current location without launching an application)
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Sex Partner Tracker

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