Sexy Striptease Seduction
Tired of long hours at the office? Looking forward to some weekend fun? Wait no more – just use your phone to play and practice your seduction skills, right now!
Get to work and do what pickup artists do every day – seduce and destroy. Get her attention. Be funny, clever and charming. Read her thoughts. Be confident and persistent. Ultimately, disarm her defences and get her to take the cloth off!
Your mission is to strike up a conversation with a model of your choosing. If you are witty and knowledgeable enough about sex and relationships, the girl will take it off – piece by piece. This is your chance to show off your game, and get her to strip. Keep at it and remember that she is just as interested in a homerun hit as you are!

Do you have what it takes to blow her mind and make her happy to strip for your pleasure? Good luck, playboy!
Game is for Adults Only (18+)!!!
Does not contain graphic depiction of sex, pornographic images or images of nude people.
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Sexy Striptease Seduction

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